Thursday, December 13th,  2012

Live Time: 7pm Eastern

Interview with Scott Mowry

Topic: 2012 & the New Earth

Scott Mowry is the founder and primary voice of, an information portal for cutting edge news about expanding consciousness, the new Earth, ascension, the Golden Age, spiritual transformation, crop circles, UFO's, extraterrestrials and much, much more. He is a writer, researcher, filmmaker, musician and inspirational speaker.

Scott is a tireless proponent of a very positive and spectacular future for the human race which is unfolding right here, right now on planet Earth in the year 2012.

The end of 2012 is fast approaching. As it stands, we are mere days away.

Soon all the prophecies will have been fulfilled. As humanity begins its ascension into a higher dimension and into a higher state of consciousness. Out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. Out of the Age of Darkness and into the Age of Enlightenment and the Return of the Divine Feminine where love, peace and an understanding of our deep, profound connectedness will rule the day.

A grand and wonderful future awaits humanity and our beautiful Mother Earth. The greatest gift of love has been prepared for you and it is called the new Earth and the Golden Age. Or Heaven on Earth.

This gift has been given to you as the most ideal solution for overcoming eons and eons of karma and fear. There is nothing left to fear as the Divine is now perfectly in charge. All that remains is to surrender and trust the Grand Divine Plan is unfolding to the ultimate, supreme perfection it will become. It has already begun and nothing can stop it.

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